Success is always a team effort.

Ampiria brought us together and united in purpose. Our goal could only be achieved by forming a collective and embracing different points of view. We may introduce you to the team that defines Ampiria. Find more collaborations below in Network & Partners.

We developed the product design together with JBNG. Founded by Birkan Gülöz and Jonas Nussbaum in Cologne, JBNG stands for authentic and straightforward design with a functional and sculptural appearance. Their work represents a holistic design process that combines diverse experiences and influences from product design, architecture, craft and graphic design. JBNG has been awarded several times in the past.

Nils Stigler works at the boundary between brand and design. During his studies in Communication and Product Design (M.A.) at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, he focused on brand development and corporate identity. In addition to working stations in publishing and design studios, he supervises startups. Today he works together with his partner Tobi as "stigler+hoh" in brand communication with a focus on consulting, design and interaction.

The IBS Henschel GmbH provides individual IT solutions with many years of programming experience in various fields of expertise. With IBS Henschel, we have created the Ampiria website and also run operating software on our speaker prototypes.

Stefan Oebser has a master's degree in electrical communication engineering. He is an electrical engineer, hardware designer and above all a passionate fellow audiophile with extensive expertise in both digital and analog circuits. It´s an honor for us to work with him on the hardware of our speaker.

Dominic Leutz produces electronic music, which he releases as his artist name 'DFA'. He is the sound designer of Ampiria and dedicated to create a captivating product sound experience. His field of profession is audio communication and technology, which he studies at the TU Berlin.

Edgar Huebert is a Master of Arts and specializes in 3D animation, CGI & VFX. He deals with all aspects of 3D film production and high-quality rendering. His first animated film 'The abyss' received awards worldwide. At Ampiria, Edgar is responsible for video production and digital product presentation.