by vision.

Ampiria strives to go beyond the boundaries of music perception. We believe music speaks to our heart, emotions and senses. So should your speaker. Our first product bridges the gap between home and professional audio, hi-fi and interior design. It combines sound and light into a perfect symbiosis. A modular high-end system for effortless useability. Made to amplify your experience.


A perfect experience of sound and light.


Creating a deeper connection to music.

Timo Henschel

Music moves me. It gives me the inspiration to see my goal right in front of me. It offers me the strength to pursue it. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be part of the music that defines my life. Ampiria gives me a purpose. Ampiria is about the inner feeling listening to your favorite song. About your experience with the artist behind it. I'm here to give you a new sense of what a speaker is capable of.

Our journey combines different concepts.

February 2019

The PRIMO. A stone speaker made of marble & aluminum that frames the concept of customization. This very first prototype builds the foundation of Ampiria.

February 2020

Wireless high-resolution streaming. A plug & play system for effortless useability. These new features were realized in the next prototype.

April 2020

Enhanced sound performance through modular extension. Gain more power in the low end by connecting a bass module to your compact speaker. The speaker shown is a concept model.